Fefe Dobson – Ghost

Fefe Dobson debuted quite awhile ago, and hit us with two hit singles. Since then, she’s been relatively out of the mainstream, which I always thought was a shame since her music is relatively kick ass. Well, after getting ignored by record labels, and having to give some potentially huge songs to other artists, such as Jordin Sparks and Selena Gomez, Fefe returns to us with “Ghost.” Here’s my verdict on her comeback single.

The Good;

  • The song is catchy as hell, and features and upbeat pop-rock sound that’s energetic, fun, radio-friendly, and a little bit ass kicking.
  • Fefe’s vocals carry enough power and soul to really rock out to.
  • The funky syth beat gets stuck in your head like a disease.
  • The music video is simple, but still kind of ass kicking. It’s a simple concept; guy cheats, guy gets taught a lesson, Fefe becomes a talking tattoo on cheating boyfriend’s arm. How much more complicated do we really need to make this? Simple, bad-girl fun.

The Bad;

  • The song’s pop sound kind of gets in the way of Fefe’s rocker cred. Some may see it as being very “poser.”
  • The autotone is apparent in the chorus, which is a shame because Fefe is a great singer.

The Verdict; 4/5

It’s not a masterpiece, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a fine piece of pop-rock music that’s radio friendly, catchy, and just plain fun. Plus, it’s a refreshing change of pace from all of the other slutcore songs on the radio today. It would be a shame if the radio ignored this song, because it has all the makings of a hit.


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