Brandon Flowers – Flamingo

The Killer’s lead singer, Brandon Flowers, has just released his debut solo album. I thought the albums lead single, “Crossfire” was quite good, but how does the album deliver? Here’s my humble thoughts on “Flamingo.”

The Good;

  • Brandon’s solo debut has a really unique indie sound thats just as acoustic as it is electric. This combination creates a dynamic sound that is catchy and easy to listen to.
  • The album delivers a wide range of tracks, and has just the right amount of uptempo, midtempo, and ballad tracks. There’s you never feel like you’ve heard the same track twice!
  • “On The Floor” is quite simply, and amazing song, and is by far the best ballad on the album.
  • Other stand-out tracks include “Only The Young,” “Magdelena,” and lead single “Crossfire.”
  • Lyrically, the album never ceases to amaze me, and constantly delivers original, emotional, and intriguing lyrics.

The Bad;

  • Some songs do fall flat, and are a bit forgettable. These include, “Hard Enough” and “Right Behind You.” Also, “Swallow It” is an all around terrible track.
  • Brandon isn’t a very dynamic vocalist, and he doesn’t show a whole lot of vocal prowess. His tone is remarkable, and his ability to convey a song is outstanding, but he simply isn’t the best technical singer.
  • Most of the songs sound like they could have been placed somewhere in The Killer’s discography, which makes me wonder why Brandon’s name is on the album, rather than “The Killers.”

The Verdict; Good!

Flamingo is a great debut from the Killer’s front man. Unique in style, and masterfully crafted into a fine piece of art, Brandon has shown himself a capable solo artist. This was a great way keep us busy through their hiatus, but I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next Killers album.


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