Ke$ha – Take it Off

Ok…let me make this as clear as humanly possible. I hate Kesha.

I think that she is a trashy, talentless clubslut with a terrible voice, terrible songs, and terrible fashion. I hated “Tik Tok“, and I hated “Your Love Is My Drug.” In fact, the only song I have ever liked by her was “Run Devil Run,” and thats only because Girls’ Generation covered it in Korean. I find her to be so ridiculous that I refuse to write her name with that $tupid dollar $ign. Only P!nk can get away with such a move!

So…about a week ago, I turned on the radio, and the DJ said “And this is the new song by Kesha…” He proceeded to play “Take It Off.”

Holy shit. I’m in love with this song.

I’m convinced that there are some songs that just become better when the volume and bass are cranked all the way up. For example, you would never, in a million years, catch me listening to Flo Ryda’s “Low” on my own. However…in a club, that song comes on, and everyone on the dance floor becomes completely psychotic, and I’m right along there with them. “Take it Off” functions in the same way. Hearing it at normal volumes…eh, its alright. In my car, with the volume all the way up, it becomes one of my favorite songs of 2010. And I have to give credit where credit is due…this song’s beat is more techno than Tiesto’s last album, and more infectious than anything Cascada ever put out.

Techo is going mainstream, and its the pop princesses like Kesha and Gaga that are leading the pack, which is sad given the recent releases from established electronic musicians. That is why this is the first song from Kesha that I have to give a decent score. “Take it off” gets a 4 out of 5.


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