Deadmau5 – For Lack of a Better Name

So, the MTV video music awards happened last Sunday, and it was a rather boring evening of terrible performances, and lots of awards being tossed towards Lady Gaga (both deserved, and undeserved.) Chelsea Handler, who I love, hosted the rather drab event with some terrible jokes that just never hit home. The saving grace of the evening? That guy in the DJ booth!

I keep telling people that the best part of the night was seeing Deadmau5, and they keep looking at me, saying “Who was that?” Once I say “The raving Micky Mouse,” they usually know who I’m talking about. Truth be told, this guy is the best thing to happen to dance music in awhile. Lets face it, pop radio is ruining dance music. Every rnb and hip-hop song now seems to feature a beat that would be considered “techno” by the standards of 2003, and people like Gaga, Kesha, and the Black Eyed Peas are all putting influences of dance, and trance into thier music. Just like hip-hop, dance music has gone mainstream, and died.

With techo legends like Tiesto, and David Guetta selling out and going pop on us as well, we need a good dj to step up and bring us some real techno again! Enter Deadmau5, Canadian dj, and saviour to electronic music! Deadmau has been releasing music since 2004, but is just now getting major recognition. Thats fine by me…back in 2004, techno was still decent. In 2009, he released his first full length album, “For Lack of a Better Name.” And it was awesome.
The album’s lead singles, “Ghosts n’ Stuff” and “Strobe” are excellent techno songs that are among the best in recent memory. Can I say that they’re better than Tiesto’s last album? I feel like I should diss him again. Anyway, the album features mostly instrumental tracks that are a pleasure to listen to. Tracks like “Hi Friend,” and “The 16th Hour” just make me want to break out some glow sticks, put my hands up, and rave out! The album never really hits a slow spot. The beats are diverse and dynamic enough to keep you going to the very last of the 10 minutes of “Strobe,” which just so happens to be the last song. Basically, this album is all you need to get the party going, and keep it going at a perfect pace.
I’m giving the album as a whole and 8 out of 10. However, due to the recent lack of good electronic music, it deserves more.

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