Music Review: 2NE1’s comeback

Its been a long time commin, but now they’re back! Thats right, Korean fiercest girl group has returned! 2NE1 is back with thier first full length album!!!

YG has chosen a unique method of promotion. The start promotion with a bang, they have released three singles all at the same time! Three songs, three music videos, and of course, three songs to perform on all of the music shows! This could be bad, and it could be awesome. On one had, they’ve taken care of a problem that so many other artists run into. By performing the same song over, and over, and over….and over, you eventually get tired of seeing the same thing again and again. However, they also run into the problem of being their own competition.The girls revealed their three new singles by putting the videos on their official youtube channel (for those of us that aren’t in Korea anyway.) First was the hip-hop track, “Clap Your Hands”, followed by the Will.I.Am produced “Go Away,” and finally, their bilingual track, “Can’t Nobody.” Here’s a triple verdict on 2NE1’s comeback!

Clap Your Hands;

The Good;• With a solid hip-hop beat, this song is infectious.
• Dara and Minzy give us some awesome rapping, but CL is simply tearing it up!
• The breakdown in the middle of the song is intense. Sirens go off, CL and Minzy tear it up tribal style, and Dara serenades us with her hypnotic vocals!
• Dara is the clear star of this song.

The Bad;• The hip-hop concept is a little bit too ghetto for Bom, and she doesn’t fit the song too well.
• The music video is essentially your standard performance video.

The Verdict; GoodThis song lacks the intensity of “Fire,” but is still a solid track! Personally, I love it. Despite being only a performance video, the girls perform with intensity and charisma in the MV, and despite being their least performed song, their live performances of “Clap Your Hands” are my favorite.

Go Away;
The Good;• The music video is awesome! CL gets to show off her acting skills, and she’s surprisingly good. She gets to show both her sensitive, damaged side, as well as her tough chick persona. The girls also use the video to tell a story, which is really neat.
• CL and Minzy get to sing in this song, and their voices are more powerful than I had ever expected!
• The techno-rock beat makes this song really unique, really danceable, and really fun!
• Live performances are AWESOME!
• CL’s rapping is just awesome, and the few English lines thrown in are lyrical genius.

The Bad;
• This song is a little too CL-centric. Dara is almost ignored in the song and the MV. It would have been nice if they could have included more of the other girls.
• There’s a lot of autotone used in this song, and it’s kind of disappointing. CL and Minzy don’t need it, and yet their voices sound almost completely robotic.
• As a result of the autotone, during the live performances, listening to the verses is kind of irritating because the girls are battling over their own computerized voices.
• The MV tells a story…but I don’t get the ending. Its not a twist or anything, but I just don’t get it. From the comments on youtube, I’m not the only one.

The Verdict; Good
“Go Away” is easily my favorite of the three songs. Despite the autotoned verses, the chorus and bridge is completely untouched, and sound simply amazing. Weather performed live, or played as an mp3, this track is solid! If your hurting inside, but don’t want a sappy ballad bringing you down, this song is what your looking for!

Can’t Nobody
The Good;• This is 2NE1’s first completely bilingual track, so it was nice of them to consider their English speaking fans.
• Bom’s voice really shines on this track, and is the best part of the song in my opinion.
• The song’s highpoint is at the end, when all four ladies harmonize together is a really energetic half sung/half chanted chorus. Quite frankly, it kicks ass!
• The outfits they wear in the video are fantastic! Like…better than Gaga-good. Dara’s room-length dress is mesmerizing, Bom looks fantastic in her Kimono, and Minzy’s studded hoodie and business suit are just awesome!
• Fierce. That is all.

The Bad;• This song is so autotoned that it’s almost maddening. CL’s rap verses are so digitized that it’s actually annoying to listen to. Minzy are Dara’s parts also got a heavy dose of autotone, and it just isn’t as pleasant to listen to as their untouched vocals. Some is good, but too much is just that…too much.
• Because of the autotone, each liver performance has disappointed me vocally. Sure, they constantly perform with charisma and intensity that no other girl group can bring, but they’re essentially only half singing over their own digital voices.

The Verdict; Good
I love 2NE1, but I have to confess…this is easily my least favorite 2NE1 song for the simple reason of the autotone overdose. To me, it just gets annoying to listen to. Having said that, I must say that I don’t hate the song by any means. In fact, I do quite enjoy it! The music video is easily one of their best, and the song is quite the ass kicker! It’s good, but they’ve done better. Much better!


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